The Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) monthly report stipulates that 1.2 Billion Litres of crude oil was consumed in the month of June 2017 and this was further broken down to 1 Billion Litres for Petrol, 81 Million Litres for Diesel and 40 Million for Kerosene. After a detailed study we apportioned 40% of petrol and 35% of Diesel for self powered generation. Both forms of fuel amounted to a financial value of N68 Billion ($194 Million) which is capable of producing 4.1GW, which is fairly above the present National producing capacity of 3.5GW and does produce its fair share of C02 emissions, sound and air pollution. Adefolake Adekola has a good write up on Carbon Monoxide Poising here. This establishes the case that Nigerians self produce more power than the GENCO’s and IPP’s.

However, if we consider how much we can do with solar given the financial value of $194 Million at $0.41 per watt we get a 453MW solar panel capacity with a 20 year recyclable life (this is without the system unit; solar charge controllers, inverters, batteries, AC & DC breakers etc.)

The fact is total reliance on the Nigerian grid will take sometime and while we give the sector the time it needs to mature, Solar installation companies should focus on enabling the transition to renewable energy with clearly defined goals and measurable impact. The question is how much of the N68 Billion ($194 Million) that is been expended on crude oil for self generation can we capture and put on a more sustainable path to take out the noise, clean our air & mitigate our C02 emission?

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